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peterparker-dcm replied to your post: *rolls in*
.A. but you are a -wonderful- Batman!

*shoves face in pillow to hide how hard she’s blushing*

gwenstacy-dcm replied to your post: *rolls in*
o^o I say go with it if you feel is right. If you don’t feel any good you can always ask us for critique. Not to mention practise is always the best way to improve. ovo I think you’re fine and you should try your hand at all sorts if you want. .v.

It’s one of those things where I do, but I don’t XD;; I’ll have to think about it summore, I guess.

Thank you both <3 

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*looks at with one eyebrow cocked*

For the moment.

*rolls in*

"clintbarton-dcm started following you"

~*peers up* Seems there’s more than just bats in my cave…

Dk 003 by ~DeeCDdlc
"hax Fox made you anything new lately?"
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Not anything new, per say, but I did get a grapple upgrade the other night.

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